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The Process of a Residential Home Renovation

What to expect when adding on a structure or space to your home, with Joshua Davis, General Contractor.

Design Meet with Tony Johnson Architect

It all starts with an idea! We get it -- You've been staring at that space and dreaming of what it could be... but you don't know where to begin. That's when you need a trustworthy & knowledgeable General Contractor (GC) to take on the planning, permits, inspections and coordinating. In North Carolina, any project renovation over the price of $30,000 requires a licensed contractor to manage the project, and for good reason. A reliable GC will organize and oversee your project as a whole, so there's no need to worry about coordinating multiple trades or materials, not to mention pulling permits and scheduling inspections. We've created an outline below to help you understand the process of a typical residential addition or renovation. 


Before you meet with the contractor, it’s nice to have a good understanding of what you like and don’t like, but it’s also good to keep an open mind when dealing with large construction projects. We’ll start by discussing your ideas and will inspect the premises to understand what’s possible and what’s needed to achieve your goals

  • We’ll take notes and answer any questions you have regarding the process, timeline and budget

  • We’ll inspect the premises to determine a plan of action

  • We’ll conduct any necessary research and start reaching out to our designers, structural engineers & other subcontractors

  • We’ll start putting together a scope of work that outlines the project pricing, materials and a general timeline.


Once we have an idea of the dimensions and general materials we need, we can start selecting the finishes and design elements

  • We’ll request inspiration photos and design ideas to help us understand what style finishes you’re looking for (if any)

  • We’ll schedule another consultation to verify all the design selections such as siding, windows, flooring, paint colors, hardware, accessories, appliances (if applicable) and more!


Permits are typically required in many municipalities, and can be critical to avoid certain issues that could impact your project. 

  • We’ll help you obtain architectural drawings

  • We’ll obtain necessary license numbers, signatures and insurance from Subcontractors (required for most permits)

  • We’ll arrange all payments and inspections with the municipality to ensure a timely project.

Construction Begins

Once we've created a plan, we'll get to work with our trusted network of contractors and tradesman. Our experience and networking throughout Johnston, Wayne & Wilson Counties allows us to keep our customers satisfied by working with other contractors that hold the same level of values and integrity.

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Ready To Upgrade Your Home?

If you've been thinking about adding more square footage to your home, give us a call or contact us to get started! We'll take the stress out of your next big remodel. Our extended network of trusted designers, structural engineers & contractors make managing large projects a bit easier for home owners who might be nervous about hiring a contractor. 

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