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Ever since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to our clients’ unique project needs and achieving their utmost satisfaction with our work. As a leader in the construction industry, we use a comprehensive approach to provide a wide range of services for the projects we’re involved with.


We'll manage the bureaucratic requirements and coordinate with subcontractors. Joshua Davis General Contracting guarantees precise, timely, and efficient work.


Get in touch to bring your vision to life today.

Josh Davis saved our project after a dishonest contractor didn't finish the job.

Becky Williams

Meet Joshua Davis, General Contractor

Over 20 years ago, I began my career in the construction industry wearing a tool belt and swinging a hammer.  I have framed houses, installed siding,  pulled electrical wire, run water lines, laid shingles, and even dug footings by hand. My experiences have taught me the importance of hard work and attention to detail. I believe the quality of your work speaks for itself. 

Nearly a decade ago, I started my own business with two simple principles:  

  1. Provide top quality craftsmanship. 

  2. Provide a customer experience that exceeds all expectations. 


On these two principles, my company has grown to what it is today. My team of craftsmen is top-notch, and my tradesmen and vendors can match anyone. What sets us apart, though, is our second-to-none customer experience. If you’re thinking about any construction project, give us a call today. Let us show you how we do business. I promise, you’re going to be impressed.

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